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  • 2018 Annual Newsletter

  • 2016 Annual Newsletter

  • 2015 Annual Newsletter

  • January 2013
  • Summer 2012 This issue includes a message from President, Larry Schumer, a recap of the summer social, call for nominations, "DOT ANNOUNCES PROPOSED RULEMAKING ON RETURNS OF HAZMAT (“REVERSE LOGISTICS”)" and "EPA ISSUES EPCRA REVISED TIER II REPORTING RULE" by Kim Burke, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, and feature article by Bruce Gaylord, CHMM titled "SOMETIMES, THE OBVIOUS ISN’T"

  • Spring 2012 This issue includes a message from President, Larry Schumer, a summary of KCHMM involvement with the Louisville Science Fair, "EPA ANNOUNCES NEW PLAN FOR IDENTIFYING EXISTING CHEMICALS FOR RISK ASSESSMENT" by Robert A. Bilott, Taft, Stettinius & Hollister LLP, and "EPA REISSUES AND REPLACES 2008 STORMWATER CONSTRUCTION GENERAL PERMIT FOR FIVE YEAR TERM" by Kim Burke, Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP

  • Winter 2011 This issue includes election results, summaries of recent meetings and information regarding upcoming events.  Additionally, Bruce Gaylord, CHMM, presents his views regarding working closely with regulators in "The Sword of Damocles."

  • Fall 2011 This issue includes a call for nominations for 2012 officers and board members including job descriptions, an article from Evelyn Crooks, CHMM regarding the 2011 AHMP Conference, and summaries of recent meetings and events.

  • Summer 2011  This issue includes summaries of recent events, an article from President Sutter regarding Hanover College's new EMS and recycling, a legislative update by Lauran Sturm, an article from Jennifer Triplett, CHMM titled "ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP ABOARD A CRUISE SHIP," and "COMPLIANCE PLANS (SHOULDS AND SHOULDN’TS) 101" by Kenny Reutlinger, KCHMM.

  • Spring 2011  This issue includes an update from President Sutter, a summary of recent events and awards, and "Then, Now and the Future of Water Quality: Necessity of Treatment Plant Improvements" by Ralph McCord, et. al..

  • Winter 2010  This issues includes a final update from President Greenberg, a summary of the 2010 accomplishments, details of the Rachel David Green Room and the January meeting announcement.

  • Fall 2010  This issue includes details of the upcoming elections and of the November dedication of the "Rachel Davis Green Room at the University of Louisville." It also includes an overview of the Atlanta AHMP Conference by Celeste Sutter and a feature article by Bruce Gaylord, CHMM titled "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!"

  • Spring 2010  Issue includes introduction of 2010 Officers, highlights from January's meeting, an update from President Greenburg, details and registration information for DOT HazMat Update training, and an article by Kenny Reutlinger, CHMM titled "Experience with SPCC Planning."

  • Fall 2009  Issue includes highlights from the July and September meetings, a message from President Tirey regarding Bylaws updates and an article by Curt Jones titled "EPA Controls Huge Chunk of Stimulus Funds"

  • Summer 2009  This issues includes highlights of the March meeting and details of upcoming events.  Also includes an article by Nate Weismiller, CHMM titled "Current Status of Kentucky's Brownfields Program."

  • Spring 2009  Issue includes 2009 KCHMM Officers, highlights from January's meeting, Education Committee report, information on ACHMM name change, and changes to the CHMM recertification standards.