Stewardship Committee

The purpose of KCHMM’s Stewardship Committee is to identify and coordinate opportunities where KCHMM and its members can contribute time, talent and/or treasure to improve the environment and our community.  The committee chair is responsible for coordinating such efforts and may recruit assistance from Committee members and/or other Chapter members as may be necessary on a case-by-case basis.

Earth Day programs, KY EXCEL initiatives (such as the Louisville Regional Science Fair), and oversight of the Rachel Davis Endowment Fund at the University of Louisville all fall under the purview of this committee.

Earth Day occurs on April 22 of each year.  In the past, KCHMM has recruited Chapter members to staff a children’s booth at the Louisville Zoo’s “Party for the Planet.”  Other Earth Day activities / observances may also be coordinated, recommended, or promoted.  At a minimum, an Earth Day reminder should be communicated to all Chapter members so that, even if a coordinated activity is not planned, they may be encouraged to make a personal contribution or observation in recognition of the holiday so closely associated with the KCHMM mission.

“KY EXCEL” is a voluntary program that recognizes “EXCellence in Environmental Leadership” within the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  This program is administered by the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection’s Division of Compliance Assistance.  KY EXCEL recognition is given to regulated and non-regulated entities that undertake voluntary environmental initiatives.  As a non-profit organization, KCHMM may pursue and achieve recognition as a KY EXCEL “Advocate” based upon the successful completion of at least one voluntary environmental project each year.  Ideas for any such projects may be initiated by this committee, by the KCHMM Board, or proposed by any other interested Chapter member.  It is the responsibility of this committee chair to develop these proposals for consideration by the Board.  With Board approval, the chair shall prepare or have prepared a KY EXCEL project application, submit it to KDEP-DCA, oversee implementation of the project, and prepare and submit a follow-up report to KDEP-DCA demonstrating the positive environmental impact achieved.

Since 2011, the Chapter has adopted the Louisville Regional Science Fair as the beneficiary of its KY EXCEL stewardship efforts.  KCHMM supports this annual event through contributions of time, talent, and treasure.  For these past several years, Chapter members have been encouraged and actively recruited to serve as judges for the annual fair (held on a Saturday in March).  KCHMM’s representation these past few years has been significant and much appreciated.  Additionally, the Chapter sponsors an award for a high school exhibitor in either the Environmental Science or Environmental Management categories.  The base amount for this award is $200 from the Chapter treasury, approved annually by the Board of Directors, and member donations collected at regular meetings have added another $100 each of the past few years, making the total stipend $300.  This is one of the larger single awards given at the annual regional science fair, and KCHMM is proud to be its sponsor.

The Rachel Davis Endowment Fund was established at the University of Louisville’s College of Arts & Sciences to honor the legacy of former KCHMM President Rachel Davis who died in 2000.  The Fund was established with seed money earned by KCHMM as host chapter of the 2002 ACHMM National Conference.  The Fund is set up so that its principal remains intact, but annual distributions from the Fund may be used either to provide scholarships to environmental science students within the University’s College of Arts & Sciences or to underwrite appropriate environmental projects as may be recommended by the College Dean and approved by the Chapter.  It will be the responsibility of this committee chair to track the growth and development of the Fund, to act as Chapter liaison to the College in the negotiation of appropriate disbursements, and to keep the Chapter and its Board apprised of the status of the Fund and/or its beneficiaries.

The current KCHMM Stewardship committee chair, since November 2010, is Corinne Greenberg, CHMM, Environmental Engineer at BAE Systems.  She may be reached at corinne.greenberg@baesystems.com, cgreenberg213@gmail.com, or by cell (502) 560-9540.


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