Rachel Davis Award Committee

The purpose of the Rachel Davis Award Committee is to solicit nominations for and select the winner of the annual Rachel Davis Award for Lifetime Achievement.  The Rachel Davis Award for Lifetime Achievement is given in memory of Past President Rachel Davis.  Candidates for the award must be nominated by a fellow member (no self-nominations) and shall be certified (credentialed) CHMM or CHMP members in good standing with the Chapter.  Nominees shall have publicly demonstrated commitment to the Chapter and its mission.  Preferred candidates will show civic involvement / leadership in environmental, safety and humanitarian causes.

The committee shall establish and implement the nomination and award schedule in conjunction with the KCHMM Board.  The committee chair shall appeal to Chapter members to nominate qualified individuals.  After the nomination deadline has passed, the committee at its sole discretion shall select the next honoree out of the qualified candidates nominated for consideration.  The committee chair shall coordinate with an appropriate member of the Board to ensure that the award itself (usually a framed print or plaque) is ordered on time for presentation.  The committee chair presents the award at the designated Chapter meeting, usually the annual social meeting.

The Rachel Davis Award Committee is automatically chaired by the most recent award recipient.  The committee is further comprised of other recent winners.


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