Newsletter Committee

The responsibility of the Newsletter Committee is to produce our quarterly newsletter, HazMatters, for distribution to KCHMM members. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform our members of pertinent chapter and industry news, and attempt to keep our membership actively involved in chapter affairs. The Committee Chair oversees these efforts. As part of the process of constructing the newsletter, the Newsletter Committee collects information and takes photographs at KCHMM meetings, events, and activities. The committee also solicits pertinent information from KCHMM members and outside sources. Members of the KCHMM Board of Directors are expected to write and submit one feature article per year, usually on a rotating quarterly basis. The feature article is to be relevant to any matter of hazardous materials management or our chapter functions and mission. Other articles or submissions, provided they are informative in nature, are happily accepted. The Chair is also responsible for editing submissions, writing additional pieces, and constructing the newsletter. The newsletter is assembled using a computer program (such as Microsoft Publisher®) available to the Chair, typically through the Chair’s employer or place of business. The Chair is responsible for submitting the newsletter to the membership in Adobe Acrobat® format, and provides a copy to the Website Committee for inclusion on the chapter website.


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