Chapter Membership

You do not have to be certified as a CHMM to be a member of the Kentuckiana Chapter of Hazardous Material Managers (KCHMM). You only need to be working in or associated with the hazardous materials field to be a KCHMM member. If you are involved in the handling and management of hazardous materials, implementation of environmental management systems (EMS), sampling and analysis, and/or environmental consulting/training field, KCHMM provides an excellent opportunity for you to network with other environmental professionals and exchange information and ideas concerning the hazardous materials field. Student memberships are also available and are a great way to network prior to entering the work force.

KCHMM members include, but are not limited to, plant environmental engineers and managers, consultants, attorneys, environmental staff from manufacturing facilities, utilities, laboratories and hazardous materials/ waste management firms, regulatory agency and emergency response personnel. The following are some of the member companies, agencies, and organizations that support the KCHMM chapter by providing members and/or contributing to the education, training, research, development, operations, and performance that furthers the objectives and missions of the chapter.

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